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We are three interdisciplinary students of the TU Dresden and we formed to use machine learning technologies to answer questions and solve problems in the fields of biology and medicine. Our team consists of Tim Schmittmann, currently pursuing a diploma degree in computer science with a medical focus, Sebastian Riechert, a diploma student of information systems with experience in the machine learning field and Markus Badstübner, who is pursuing a master’s degree in biology.
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Our story

We've met each other eight years ago throught our studies and have become good friends since then.

Because of our different expertises, we've long since been searching for practical ways to apply our knowledge.

When Markus told us about his fellow students, who have to sort fruit flies for hours upon hours, the idea for Zephyrus was born.


Machine learning is not only a promising and rapidly growing field in academia and industry, it also allows to solve a multitude of problems faster, with higher accuracy and more conveniently than any manual approach can.

Zephyrus acts as a starting point for our start-up to work on further opportunities in this field and improve the way life science is done.


At we care about improving your results, be it by saving your time, eliminating biases or increasing sample sizes. We love simplicity, too, so our focus lies on creating products, which are hassle free and ready-to-go.

To ensure a high quality we're working closely together with local reasearchers, but we'll also tailor our products to your specific requirements, if needed.

Our Team

Profilbild Markus Badstübner

Markus Badstübner

Domain expert and

Profilbild Sebastian Riechert

Sebastian Riechert

Machine learning

Profilbild Tim Schmittmann

Tim Schmittmann

Software and web-