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Fly sorter Zephyrus 3D-Model

The first fully automated, high throughput airflow-system that performs 
AI-powered imaging and sorting of Drosophila melanogaster.

Our mission

Despite more than 6000 research groups worldwide working with drosophila melanogaster, there is little existing automation. Thousands of undergraduates, PHD students and postdocs have to spend hundreds of hours every year with mating and sorting drosophila for experiments and large screenings.

We want to free them of these tedious tasks and give them more time for their research while improving the robustness of their experiments

Save time

High-throughput automated fly sorting reduces paid working hours of researchers. It allows them to concentrate on other aspects of their work and increase their sample sizes to reach better results overall.

Increase accuracy

State-of-the-art machine learning approaches to computer vision can achieve higher accuracy on image classification tasks than humans, thereby reducing biases and errors in sorted fly samples.

Ready to use

Zephyrus is the only available ready-to-use solutions on the market and will work seamlessly with your existing equipment.
Just plug it into a power outlet and you are ready to go.

The power of Zephyrus

  • Most sorting criteria achieve accuracies above 99,8%.
  • At least four times faster than manual fly sorting.
  • Automatic documentation of every fly.
  • Usable as vial filling machine or single fly dispenser, too.

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"Because every fly is different"

See it in action

Frequently asked questions

Drosophila Melanogaster (known as the common fruit fly) has a rapid life cycle, relatively simple genetics and a large number of offspring per generation. This lead to it being one of the most researched model organisms in the fields of genetics, medicine, physiology and evolutional biology. As of today, six Nobel prizes have been awarded for research using Drosophila.
Internally, Zephyrus uses an airflow system to transport the flies to a CNC-controlled suction device, which picks out single flies and moves them in front of the high-resolution camera. With macro photography and our AI-algorithms the fly will then be sorted by the selected criteria and moved into the respective output vial.

Our graphical user interface makes handling the device a breeze. Simply put your vials into the intented slots, select your sorting criteria and press the start button. You can even watch our algorithms make sorting decisions live.

Out of the box Zephyrus supports the most common sorting criteria like sex, virginity and eye color. If the criteria you need is not available yet, you can contact us, so we might implement it.

Automatic fly sorting and image documentation of flies is not enough to get you interested? You can use Zephyrus as vial filling machine for stock transfers or as single fly dispenser for experiments, too. If you require specific preparation steps or fly handling task for your research, no problem, our system is built of modular components and we can easily adapt it to fit your specific use case. Just contact us!